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Free advertising for dating and single websites

What is this link exchange system? Our link exchange system is a network of websites throughout the world with one thing in common - the dataing Industry. Everyone throughout the network is trading links with eachother through our system and best of all, its FREE!

How does it work? Is it free? Our exchange system automatically trades links and banners for your site with other website owners. It works on a basis of give a little, take a little. The amount of times your banners are shown on other members sites are directly proportional to how many visitors your website sends to other members. And yes, it's 100% FREE!

Why should I join your exchange and not one of the others? We are a unique exchange dedicated to the Leisure Industry. If you have a website with a topic of Leisure we welcome you aboard with open arms. There are MANY categories that fall under 'Leisure' so there is a great chance your website will fit somewhere in our network.

What types of Banners will be shown on my site? You decide! It's completely up to you what category of banner is shown on your site, along with the size and placement of such adverts!